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GALZGONEWILD was founded by Mel Mc Dermott in July of 2017. Her mission was a simple one- to connect more women to nature and the outdoors.


Mountain Mel/Mountain Mam

Melissa Mc Dermott aka Mountain Mel/Mountain Mam is an outdoor adventure enthusiast, mountain guide and GGW's Community Founder. Harnassing her personal experience with mental health and depression she embarked on her journey of reconnecting to the wild in 2017 as a means to heal. She completed her Mountain Skills 1 & 2 training and became Remote Emergency Care First Aid Certified. One day on a solo hike in the Wicklow Mountains, an idea sparked 'An all female lead community that encourages and grows the confidence of women via guided outdoor adventures, getaways, workshops and mountain skills training’... GGW was born. Melissa is truly passionate about the outdoors and as a mental health advocate she wants to share the positive beneifts nature can have on your mental health and wellbeing. She’s also a self proclaimed chocoholic and lover of death metal music.


Sarah 'Brave' Hourigan is The Head 'Wild Galz Guide' for GGW

Sarah's passion for sharing her love of the outdoors with others is what originally brought her to GGW in 2018. It wasn't long afterwards that she completed her Mountain Skills 1 & 2 and began leading adventures and helping galz to build their confidence on the trails. Sarah's second love is psychology and when she isn't on a mountain somewhere, she can be found studying to merge this with her years of experience outdoors on an ecopsychology and wild therapy course. She was also reigned ‘Fancy Strut Champion 07’ :p